Welcome to the State of Iowa’s Administrative Rules Website

Public participation in the formulation of administrative rules helps our state to reform burdensome rules and prevent over-regulation or red tape, encouraging efficiency, economic growth and job creation.

The purpose of this website is to allow members of the public the opportunity to comment on administrative rules in the Notice process. Members of the public have 20 days to comment on a rule from the date of publication. You may comment on all administrative rules open for comment on this website.

How Administrative Rules Become Law

  1. A new law is passed by both houses of the State Legislature, signed by the Governor and
    • The new law calls for a State agency to adopt or create Administrative rules
    • These new rules are subject to Iowa Code chapter 17A, also known as the rule making process
    • Once the agency completes the rule making process, the new rule becomes law
    • View the Iowa Administrative Rules Website for More Details