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 ARC 4696C  Agriculture and Land Stewardship Department Animal welfare, ch 67 10/9/2019 257
 ARC 2097C  Human Services Department Intellectual disability waiver services cost-savings initiative, 79.1(2), 83.66 8/5/2015 70
 ARC 2350C  Human Services Department Mental health advocates, 25.101 to 25.107 1/6/2016 44
 ARC 3210C  Public Health Department Notification requirements for mammogram reports, 41.6(4) 7/19/2017 40
 ARC 3047C  Educational Examiners Board PK-3, elementary education, multioccupations, career and technical education (CTE) endorsements; paraeducator area of concentration—autism spectrum disorders, amendments to chs 13, 24 5/10/2017 39

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