Tracking Proposed and Adopted Administrative Rules

There are resources available to assist you with tracking proposed and adopted administrative rules.
Iowa Administrative Bulletin (IAB) is published every other week in magazine format by the Administrative Code Office of the Legislative Services Agency. The bulletin contains notices of both intended rules (rules that have been proposed by agencies) and the text of all rules adopted in final form.
Iowa Administrative Code (IAC) is the codification of all administrative rules serving as the official compilation of state administrative rules. This publication is updated every other week and is a function of the Administrative Code Office of the Legislative Services Agency. The IAC is alphabetically arranged by agency.
Administrative Rules Review Committee (ARRC) is a bipartisan committee of the Iowa General Assembly. The Committee meets once a month to review rules proposed or in effect. ARRC publishes minutes of its meetings and rules digests on the legislative web site.
Fiscal Impact Statements reflect the estimated costs to agencies resulting from adopting a rule. These statements are prepared by the Fiscal Services Division of the Legislative Services Agency (LSA). LSA is required to analyze the fiscal impact of all administrative rules that have an impact of $100,000 or more and to provide a summary of the impact to the Administrative Rules Review Committee (ARRC).
Governor's Office, Administrative Rules Coordinator The Administrative Rules Coordinator is located within the Governor’s Office and on the Governor’s behalf may also review rules that are adopted and in effect. The rulemaking process requires agencies to provide both “notice” with Coordinator of the intent to propose a rule and to “file” rules with the Coordinator once the rules are adopted in final form.
Agency Rule Administrators are located within each state agency and are responsible for organizing their agency’s administrative rulemaking efforts and working with the Administrative Rules Coordinator in the Governor’s Office and with the Iowa General Assembly’s Administrative Rules Review Committee (ARRC).
Agency Rulemaking Dockets are maintained by agencies to reflect their current rulemaking efforts. Track Filed Rules enables you to find administrative rules that an agency is proposing to adopt and has filed with the Governor's Adminstrative Rules Coordinator. Please note, only rules that have been filed from October 1, 2006 forward are available. Filings that occurred before that date are available in the Administrative Bulletin but are not searchable through this system.
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