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- New rules proposed by an agency must be published in the Iowa Administrative Bulletin 35 days before the rules takes effect..
To comment on the entire notice, click the "Comment Now" button on the Notice page. Alternatively, you can comment on specific parts of the notice by clicking the text within the notice.
Proposed new rules are reviewed and approved by the administrative head of each agency. The rules are then filed in an action which is called the “Notice of Intended Action.” The rules are filed with the Governor’s Administrative Rules Coordinator. The Administrative Rules Coordinator is responsible for coordinating all rules that are proposed by the Governor’s executive branch agencies. This part of the process usually takes about fifty to sixty five days to complete.
  • The Iowa Administrative Bulletin that publishes administrative rules that are both Noticed and Adopted and Filed Rules .
  • The bulletin is published bi-weekly and may be found at Iowa Administrative Bulletin (IAB)
-Section 17A of the Iowa Code governs adoption of new rules.
A rule means each statement of general applicability that implements, interprets, or prescribes law or policy, or that describes the organization, procedure or practice requirements of any agency. The term includes the amendment or repeat of an existing rule.
Comments are sent to the administrative rule contact of the specific notice, directly to the organization agency, or to
  • 1. To keep up with current State law.
  • 2. To make necessary changes to existing programs.
  • 3. To stay in compliance with Federal rules and regulations.
When a notice is posted you have a chance to comment and suggest changes before the rule is adopted. Once the rule is adopted it is law.

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