Executive Order #9: The Regulatory Principles Governing Rulemaking

Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack signed Executive Order 9 on September 9, 1999 with the objective of enhancing administrative agency planning and coordination for new and existing regulations, and for increasing public access and understanding of the administrative rulemaking process. To the extent permitted by statute, Executive Order 9 directs administrative agencies to fulfill several responsibilities with regard to the administrative rulemaking process.


Executive Order 9:

  • Establishes “Regulatory Principles” to be used by administrative agencies in the administrative rule-rulemaking process.


  • Requires administrative agencies to appoint an Agency Rules Administrator to be responsible for the administration of the agency’s rulemaking process. The name, address, telephone number and fax number of this individual is to be published on the agency’s web site.


  • Directs administrative agencies to adopt and utilize the Uniform Summary Review Forms when filing agency rules.


  • Requires administrative agencies to prepare a “Regulatory Plan” listing each regulatory action (e.g. potential rule under active or potential consideration within the agency which have a substantial impact on the rights, privileges or duties of person) that the agency expects to issue in proposed or final form that fiscal year of thereafter, and to publish the “Regulatory Plan” on the agency’s web site.


  • Directs administrative agencies to maintain a current public “Rule-Making Docket” listing each pending rulemaking procedure and to publish this on the agency’s web site.


To access Executive Order 9 in its entirety visit: Iowa Library/State Library and click on Executive Order Number Nine.