Notice of Intended Action

Election of vice chair, 1.1

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Notice of Intended Action

Twenty-five interested persons, a governmental subdivision, an agency or association of 25 or more persons may demand an oral presentation hereon as provided in Iowa Code section 17A.4(1)"b."

Notice is also given to the public that the Administrative Rules Review Committee may, on its own motion or on written request by any individual or group, review this proposed action under section 17A.8(6) at a regular or special meeting where the public or interested persons may be heard.

Pursuant to the authority of Iowa Code section 23.6, the Iowa Public Information Board hereby gives Notice of Intended Action to amend Chapter 1, "Organization and General Administration," Iowa Administrative Code.

This amendment permits the Board to elect a vice chair.

Any interested person may make written suggestions or comments on the proposed amendment on or before August 25, 2015, by contacting Charlie Smithson, Executive Director, Iowa Public Information Board, Wallace State Office Building, Third Floor, 502 East Ninth Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50319. Comments may be submitted by e-mail to

The proposed amendment does not contain a waiver provision as no obligation is being imposed on the public or regulated community.

After analysis and review of this rule making, no impact on jobs has been found.

This amendment is intended to implement Iowa Code chapter 23.

The following amendment is proposed.

Amend rule 497—1.1(84GA,ch1115) as follows:

497—1.1(84GA,ch1115 23) Board description.

1.1(1) The Iowa public information board is established by 2012 Iowa Acts, chapter 1115, section 6, Iowa Code chapter 23 and consists of nine members, including a chairperson.

1.1(2) and 1.1(3) No change.

1.1(4) On an annual basis at the board's first meeting on or after July 1, the members shall elect a chairperson and vice chair. The board shall also employ a person who shall be an attorney admitted to practice law before the courts of Iowa to serve as the executive director of the board. The chairperson and vice chair may be reelected or elected to a different office. If the chairperson is absent, the vice chair shall act as chairperson.

1.1(5) to 1.1(7) No change.

1.1(8) The board is available to assist in achieving compliance with open meetings and public records laws in alternative ways. Information is available on the board's Web site at The members of governmental bodies and the public may call the board for informal answers to questions during office hours from 8 4:30 p.m.on Monday through Friday at (515)725-1781. Written guidance about compliance with the open meetings and public records laws may be provided by advisory opinions (see rules 497—1.2(84GA,ch1115 23) and 497—1.3(84GA,ch1115 23)) or by declaratory orders (see rules 497—3.1(84GA,ch1115 17A) to 497—3.8(84GA,ch1115 17A)). In addition, complaints may be filed alleging violations of open meetings or public records laws under rule 497—2.1(84GA,ch1115 23).

This rule is intended to implement 2012 Iowa Acts, chapter 1115, section 6 Iowa Code chapter 23.

Iowa Public Information Board

Closed For Comments

This notice is now closed for comments. Collection of comments closed on 8/25/2015.

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